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7/4/19 12:24 P

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Itís a holiday (US) necrothread. Or zombie thread, whatever.

I shop for myself on $20 a week, and often have change. I save the savings for bulk replacements, especially spices.

I donít keep a lot of back up, but Iím thinking I need a case worth of canned beans and an extra couple jars of salsa to add to what is basically a condiment shelf. I call these convenience food.

I spend about $12 on produce, greens, ďthings that make salad interesting,Ē and fruit; and $3-5 on extras: salsa, yogurt, dried fruits and nuts, occasionally flour.
I did get yeast and Iím making bread at some point, but I donít crave it that much. Maybe Iíll freeze dough.

In addition, I spend about the same on very convenient food and dining out.
Iím lowering that number, and expect I will tick the grocery bill up a couple dollars.
I budget for a few meals out in a month.

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7/2/14 6:18 P

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You are all so emoticon and emoticon everybody!


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6/30/14 9:19 P

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You are fantastic!

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6/30/14 6:25 P

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Thanks to you both for the kudos.

Yeah, the heat was horrendous. But I figured if I was going to do this, I would do it all the way. Saving the bus fare meant I could buy the milk.

I cooked up a whole lot of lentils and rice. Last night, I made some into a salad with tomatoes and basil. An egg for breakfast, and the leftover salad for lunch. Don't know yet what I'll do with the rest of the lentils and rice. Maybe Indian or Mexican?

The gizzards are simmering in a stock (previously made from veggie scraps), the no-knead bread is rising, and a huge potato/swiss chard/cheese casserole is in the oven (enough for a number of meals). I haven't yet decided yet what to do with the cooked gizzards. If I chop them up, I think I can get about 3 small meat portions.

I'm wondering, what would any of you do in this scenario? I'm always eager to learn from others.

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6/30/14 5:52 P

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That was an awesome job and so much walking in the heat!


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6/30/14 8:14 A

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You did a great job!

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6/30/14 12:08 A

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I said I'd try, so this is what I got. Most of these things were on sale, but at 3 different stores. That was a lot of walking in this heat!

milk ($6 for 4L, I'll freeze some of it for later)
flour (I make my own bread) ($3)
potatoes (very versatile) ($3)
a big brick of cheese ($5)
oil (mixed olive and canola) ($3)
lentils ($2)
rice ($2)
tomatoes ($2)
blue berries and strawberries ($5)
bananas ($2)
chicken gizzards ($3)
avocado ($1)
mushrooms ($3)
and, just because I was walking by an Indian restaurant, 3 samosas for $1 (each one is big enough for a meal with a salad).

I already had eggs and some other staples, and am growing swiss chard, green onions, basil and mint.

It's going to be hard to stick to these ingredients for 2 weeks and not run out to get some meat or some more fruit and veggies.

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6/29/14 11:01 P

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Dry beans, rice, old fashioned oats, bread, peanut butter, then look at what fruit/vegetables are on sale. I also garden and grow some of my own vegetables.



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6/27/14 10:32 A

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We are on the same page with saving money on food.

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6/27/14 8:57 A

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I was reading an article about living under the poverty line. This is how much one the people interviewed could spend on groceries.

I agree with the rice and legumes. Good source of whole protein. So no need to buy meat. Then fill out the rest with fruit and veggies.

I make the "scraps" broth all the time. Soups can really fill you up once you've added the rice, beans, and a few veggies. A good bone broth could also satisfy the meat craving.

As well, I try to grow as much food as possible, even through the winter. However, there could be an initial expense (pots, earth, seedlings/seeds), if you can't find these for free.

Making friends at the farmer's market is great. There are things that the vendors can no longer sell, but that are still good enough to eat. Occasionally, you can get them for free.

Out of curiosity, I'm going to give this a try. I'm low on some staples (flour, oil, etc.), so it'll be quite the challenge.

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6/27/14 8:20 A

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A lot of rice and beans. Dried legumes are one of the best bargains out there.

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6/26/14 11:53 P

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1. I would need to know how many people I was feeding.
2. Look to see what was in the pantry to use.
3. Check grocery ads, coupons and BOGO's.
4. Buy large package of beans, brown rice, produce at farmer's market,
5. See what skills I had to barter with.
6. Years ago I would cook for neighbors who were too busy to cook. Got to keep 1/2 of the
7. Get real friendly with department managers. Give them a home made treat and thank them
for a job well done.
8. Look for reduced produce and meats.
9. Make use of all the food purchased. Like scraps, vegetable peelings, onion skins, stems
from herbs, bare corn cobs, bones from meats & poultry, etc. Make base for large pot of
And the list goes on and on.
Not quite what you asked for but this is what I did many years when money was tight.

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6/26/14 11:36 P

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If you had only $40 for 2 weeks of groceries, how would you spend that money?

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