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11 Dairy-Free Calcium Sources


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I have been allergic to dairy since birth & manage well by eating plant based calcium sources, taking calcium citrate supplements, & consuming ocean fish. I drink a variety of fortified milk substitutes altho' OJ doesn't agree w/ me. Collard greens & black eyed peas? Two southern staples I might have tried once (I like most legumes) but will need to try chia seeds & try again to eat sesame seeds in quantity. Thanx. Report
Thank you for the informative article. Report
This is some helpful information Report
good info.. thanks. Report
Could we update this information? Great suggestions; just wondering if there's more out there. Report
Great article Report
Nice article Report
Thanks for the information. I needed this because I am usually falling short in calcium. Report
great info thanks Report
Great information because I am lactose intolerant! Report
Thank you so much for this great info! Report
I love dairy foods, so I do not care whether the vitamins come from non-dairy sources. But I can see it would be helpful for those to whom it matters. Report
yes! molasses! Report
This is very helpful to me, as dairy isn't an option for me. Terrific! Report

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