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Top 25 Summer Heartburn Triggers

Don't Get Burned by These Summer Favorites


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Vanilla ice cream is my go to to soothe heart burn! I didn't flavored ice cream could cause problems! Report
Disappointing article. Lots of don't eat this but not much help with alternatives to trigger foods. Report
I agree with Azure_Sky in that eating any of these in moderation or once in awhile would probably be okay. However, I also believe that everyone's trigger foods are different. For me, stress and eating too close to bed are better triggers for heartburn than any of these foods. Report
I have no problems with any of those foods - actually, that IS my problem.

I don't like some of those foods, so it's not a hardship to avoid them. Just use common sense. I like Italian sausage, but it's very high in fat. So, before grilling them, I prick them with a fork all around, then boil them for about 15 minutes. That removes a lot of the fat. It also helps prevent grill flare-ups. You don't lose any flavor, and it shortens the cooking time on the grill.

What the author didn't mention as a way to avoid heartburn is to eat moderate portions. Stuffing yourself with ANY food (not necessarily a trigger) can cause heartburn. Report
Wow, what are we suppose to eat. I love pasta but it has tomatoe sauce (trigger) garlic(another trigger) and ground beef (lean but still a trigger). No chocolate!!! The world is coming to an end!!!! I did not know watermelon was acidic, but most fruit is. Apples, pears, cantelope. What about milk, we need calcium. Any alternatives for it. I love all these foods. Report
No longer have heartburn since losing 50 lbs. Report
I stopped eating red meat recently to try and control cholesterol. To my GREAT surprise, my nearly chronic heartburn and reflux disappeared overnight! Makes sense to me that beef and hamburger are greasy and high in fat and this was bothering me for years and I had no clue. Report
EEYOREJ79, my dad has problems eatting watermelon as well, but he's noticed if he eats it first the indigestion isn't as bad. Report
Many of these foods bothered me until I tried the Braggs vinegar natural treatment. I no longer need meds for heartburn , and seldom even need the vinegar. I am heartburn free!! Do some research on natural cures, and BE WELL!!!!!!!!! Report
I was diagnosed with GERD nearly 10 years ago but still missed questions I should have been able to answer. One question that wasn't on the quiz that I think should have been pertains to eating five or six small meals per day as opposed to even one large meal. A large meal is definitely a no-no for me. Report
If I am actively working on losing weight, very few of these foods belong in my mouth anyway! funnel cakes + calories...I think I am safe from most of these tempting (?) ways to get heartburn as long as I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Report
Gee, this sounds kind of dismal lol. What am I supposed to eat at a cookout??? Report
Just as a point of reference, sweet pickle relish will have vinegar in it. I don't know of any pickles you can make without it, and I do a lot of home canning. Report
Thanks for the info and especially for listing alternatives, It's nice to to know what other options are. Report
Wow Nicole, doesn't leave much left!!! Report

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