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Top 25 Summer Heartburn Triggers

Don't Get Burned by These Summer Favorites


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WOW...WHO KNEW?? Report
I didn't know all these foods could be triggers for heartburn. Wow, I am glad I don't get heartburn. Report
I found watermelon very interesting. I haven't been able to eat it forever because of that. Everyone used act like I was nuts when I would say "I want to but I can't can't it makes my stomach burn!" Good to know I'm not nuts! :) Report
This was a gem of an article. I never knew any of this and yet last night had a meal with everything on the list. Go figure! Report
Since starting to cut down, no seconds and nothing after 8 p.m. I haven't had any heartburn or had to take my Prilosec. After reading the above comments about side effects from it, I guess I'd better keep eating better and keep up my exercise! Report
Dis-heartening. From what I read, it sounds as though plain boiled potatos & bland macaroni along with a veggie burger (no pickles, ketchup or tomatoes) is the only thing that won't trigger the heartburn. Report
I have read so much on the subject and decided that I really would like to rule out certain conditions such as a hiatal hernia, peptic ulcer, stomach cancer or food allergies. These conditions can lead to GERD. I personally want to know the cause of my problem. True that some foods are great contributers but still there are reasons why you are affected in such way be these foods. It could be poor digestion, lack of certain digestive enzymes, poor diet, maybe its your gall bladder as one of you noted.
We continue to treat symptoms without knowing the cause. Report
I have a hiatal hernia and have GERD for many years. I have tried all of the otc meds before the prescription ones went otc and nothing worked. I have been taking Prevacid for many years now and have developed polyps in my stomach. I didn't know that these meds for heartburn could actually cause cancer! I don't know what I am going to do because if I don't take them then EVERYTHING I eat or drink causes the heartburn. I also saw the add about the 3 items that cure heartburn and they charge $39.97 for the book. Has anyone heard about this book or the cure? Please contact me if you have. Thanks!!!! Report
Something not mentioned here is that the size of your portions and/or how fast you eat can also trigger GERD. Try smaller portions and eat slowly. Report
What I have noticed since joining SP... at a certain weight the heartburn disappeared.. I used to keep a giant bottle of Rolaids in my kitchen... now that I read the article... I realize that most of the misery could have been prevented by the proper foods...Yikes! Report
My mom has always had trouble with char-broiled hamburgers (like Hardee's or Burger King) but she doesn't have trouble with fried ones. Lately she has been noticing more trouble with ice cream. My fiance has a hiatal hernia (I think!) but he just thinks it's heartburn, but the prilosec has been a life saver for him. I've been very lucky, can count on one hand how many times I've had heartburn that wasn't gall bladder, which flared up during my second pregnancy. BTW, pregnancy is also a good trigger for heartburn, especially as the stomach gets compressed by the baby. Anyway, that's my two cents worth, and thanks for the info in the article. Report
I used to suffer from TERRIBLE heartburn. So bad I considered Prilosec a vitamin and my esophagus was eroding away. But that was until I learned that heartburn is mainly caused by too much SAT FAT. Since I changed my diet, I never have it. It's like a freakin' miracle!!! Report
One thing that is evident from some of the comments posted is that everyone has different triggers, and paying attention to your body is just as important or maybe more so than what experts state. Take the advice, but always pay attention to what your body tells you.

After suffering from allergy (sometimes heartburn) induced asthma and consulting with my doctor, we started paying attention (via writing a journal) to my environment and the food I ate. We noticed patterns developing, and were able to work and modify a lot of the foods I ate. Once we did that, I started feeling much better, having less asthma attacks, and have been able to stay of prescription medication for about 5 months now. Because I have learned to listen to my body with the guidance of my doctor, I can now detect very easily when a food does not sit well with me.

The advice is very good and solid, but it is a guide to what may cause heartburn. Ultimately only your body can tell you what you can and cannot tolerate. There is no one size fits all when it comes to food. Report
I had no idea about some of these triggers, either, and I've suffered from GERD for years. Watermelon doesn't bother me, but caffeine is a big one. Tea doesn't bother me like coffee or soda... I had to get used to drinking ginger ale or the newer caffeine-free varieties. Mostly now I've just cut soda out entirely.

Strangely enough, I don't have any trouble with white sugar like a lot of people, it seems. What gives me heartburn is the artificial sweeteners. I discovered it after I switched from a regular cocoa mix to a lower calorie, sugar-free version and started getting horrible, agonizing heartburn that lasted most of the day. I even went home sick a few times because I was in so much pain from it. As soon as I realized that was the only new thing in my diet, I quit and instantly no more heartburn. Unusual maybe, but it means I have to watch very carefully what's actually in some of these low-sugar/sugar-free/diet foods and drinks... and which also makes it that much more important for me to change eating habits instead of relying on "diet" foods. Report
so what is left for me to eat???
lol Report

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