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How to Deal with Setbacks

Bounce Back from Life's Hurdles


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Thank-you for such a wonderful article on set backs...sometimes when I have a set back I get so upset with myself and would stay frustrated for days.
I appreciate this article. Report
Such wise words! How often I look at a slip, a mistake or a set back and boot myself and throw in the towel. One step at a time! Failure is not falling, it is refusing to get back up!! Report
I feel like this was put here for me today. It's just what I needed to read. Report
Loved the article! It's so easy to get down on yourself after a setback. I had that happen over the week-end when I had a complete attitude and didn't journal. After working all week, I felt that I wanted to just be normal and do what I wanted. I snapped out of it and am back on track. Diane Report
I've got the full poem now in my blog. Report
Anybody have a clue what the name of the poem is? I'd really like to know. Report
Reading this article gave me a boost.I know water retention is mostly a problem with me and gaining a pound or 2 results,but reading this helped a great deal to keep moving on!! Sally the fiddler Report
Treat the setback like a stepping stone to the success....Its not always possible to achieve results as a lot of factors have a strong influence on a persons performance each day.It cud be the weather,or a mood swing or maybe something not really in his hands....JUST DONT LET GO OF THE THE SMALL FORWARD ADVANTAGE U MAY HAVE GAINED IN UR ENDEAVOUR....CHEERUP AND GET GOING....U WILL SURELY FIND THE RAINBOW ON THE HORIZON............. Report
Well...my major problem is me. I put this self-imposed, you-got-it-togetha-gurl, gameface on 24/7 and I am afraid to take ot off and have no one to be honest with. People think I have it together and here I sit in a mass of papers and housework refusing to handle my business. I can't even multi-task, I start several projects and barely finish one so............i can relate. Report
I also have been feeling down in the dumps lately. My setback is that I have a fractured ankle. And just when I was making so much progress with my cardio and strength training. This article has reinforced my determination to stick with it! I am not going to throw away what I have accomplished so far. So I'm re-evaluating what I need to do. I'm concentrating more on nutrition. And have found some great seated exercise routines right here on SP. My determination is stronger than ever. Thanks again SP for all your support and resources! Report
I was really feeling down this morning. I have been watching what I eat and exercising, but guess what the scales are still the same. Up and down day after day. I was grumpy and mad at myself and almost told myself what the heck I'll have that cheeseburger. I didn't do it though. I logged onto spark people and started reading all the articles. This was just what I needed. I have readjusted my thinking for the day, after all aren't we supposed to take it one day at a time. Report
I really needed to read this today...sheesh...it seems like one set back after another. Before reading this today I was of the "Why bother?" mindframe. Now...I see an opportunity to reflect, re-evaluate and reset my goals. Thanks! Report

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