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The 26 Healthiest Fast Food Options

What to Order at 13 Fast Food Joints


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I have to admit, I like an occasional burger - chicken or beef - but I'm not a great fan of bread, so I always hold any sauces & I never eat the bun. Those buns are 100 cals or more each, so I save that way & can still enjoy my burger. Report
Thanks so much for the info. Sometimes, especially if you are travelling, you just have to stop at a fast food restaurant and it's good to know that there are some reasonable options out there. Report
At jack in the box I get the grilled chicken strip combo, exchange the fries for a side salad, lite dressing and a diet coke. Thanks for giving us options when fast food is what is on the menue! Report
Look at the Carb count on all that stuff though... even the salads!! Report
I love Wendy's Chili (small) poured on top of a side salad. This is probably high in sodium but it is hearty and under 300 calories! Report
I never eat fast food anyway, it's too expensive...I was just curious. But I DO eat bread, pasta, sugar, I LOVE carbs! And so far my "balanced mostly-vegetarian" eating plan has helped me lose 55 lbs this past year! Don't get sucked into the "cut out this food group or that food group" garbage--every "diet" that tells you you'll lose weight just by not eating bread or not eating bananas....they're crazy! Life is about balance--and so should your food plan be! Just remember to EXERCISE DAILY, and the food becomes secondary. :) Report
also why not include the actual vitamins from the ingredients, the nutritional facts as well, why not make the article complete Report
that was a great article showing what we can choose at fast food places, but what would have made it even better would have been the costs of these meals Tightening our belts oes along with tightening our wallets. Report
It would be nice if the sugar content was also listed. These days sugar is watched, for good reason, almost as much as fat, calories or carbs. Report
Seriously? That sugar-filled over-processed white bread that is on all those sandwiches? No thanks!!
I'll go to evos instead. (www.evos.com) Report
Some of the choices from the kids's menu are good options as far as portion control/calorie ratio goes. Report
No, the article is correct. It is NOT the snacker sandwich. Report
I think this article is misleading. When you say Honey BBQ Sandwich at KFC, your really mean the the Honey BBQ Snacker. There is a difference. Report
I just moved from Ohio to St. Petersburg, FL... You HAVE to check out EVO's. This is a revolutionary new healthy "fast food" joint. I love it already! Report
If you get the grilled chicken option, the Snack Wraps at McDonald's are pretty good and relatively low-calorie at 260 calories each. I like the chipotle and honey mustard. Report

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