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6 Steps to Strengthen Your Immune System

Boost Your Body's Defenses


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Awesome...thanks!! Report
thank you Report
So many reasons to keep exercising. Report
exercise is biggest I need to work on. Keep motivating me!! Thank you Report
Or you could just go work in an elementary school,

You know kids; they're constantly coming down with something. When I was student-teaching, I was continually exposed to every bacterium, virus, and other bug the kiddies brought into the classroom with them. I have always been very healthy, but I pretty much stayed sick (sniffly/sneezy/congested/throat-sore/achy
/sleep-deprived) for the entire 18 weeks. It felt as though I was exposed to virtually every pathogen on the planet, and I now feel immune to them all because after that, as well as my first (miserable) year in my own classroom, I have NEVER again been sick! Not even so much as a cold. Report
Thanks for the tips! Report
Thank you Report
Thank you! It’s hard for me to manage stress and to get enough sleep. Report
All great advice, but for those dealing with a poor immune system like I did for 30 years, take elderberry capsules every day....they have made all the difference in the world to me. I take 1250 mg of elderberry sambucus and it has been a miracle as far as I am concerned. i used to get bad, bad, bad cold sores/fever blisters, but now what i get is a TINY tender spot on my lip and it soon goes away. It is very rare for me to ever catch a cold or be sick in any way when I used to get everything that came along. Report
Thanks for the tips ;-) Report
Great article! Report
Thank you Report
Clue to a good immune system! Thanks. Report

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