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6 Steps to Strengthen Your Immune System

Boost Your Body's Defenses


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Thank you. Report
Thanks Report
Thank you for the info. Report
Thanks for the article Report
Take your medicine as prescribed. Finish the full course of pills or whatever. Report
Sounds good- Report
Thanks, good need-to-know information! Report
People (not this article!) make such a HUGE issue over the flu shot. For the record, I've NEVER had a flu shot & it's been 24 years since I last had a case of the flu. Much to-do about NOTHING! And completely blown out of proportion.
FACT: everybody is going to die some time
FACT: a flu shot isn't going to "cure" that!
Thanks for the tips. Report
A “boosted” immune system is not always a blessing. Some people’s immune systems have almost killed them. It’s our immune reactions that make rashes, blisters, etc. so damn unpleasant.
I rarely get cold sores anymore, but I eat and sleep well now and don’t over-stress my mind. I’m pretty sure I haven’t boosted my immune system. I’ve just removed the conditions under which I usually got cold sores.
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Already there Report
2008 article. Mostly common sense, but probably even more scientific evidence that what you eat and when you eat it matters. Now "gut health" is being emphasized. Report
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