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7 Secrets to Outsmarting Your Supermarket


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I basically shop in the fresh veggie section, meats, and then pick up milk, bread and cheeses. I stay away from the center of the store - most of the items there are not groceries anyway.
Some items I pick up regularly at WalMart - same item but much less expensive. And, there I do not think of it as grocery shopping, so do not tend to pick up other items.
Good ideas here and good reminders.
Barb Report
I avoid thinking in the grocery store. I use the nutrition tracker to plan my meals for the whole week, then I use the grocery list. It's one of my favorite things about Sparkpeople. I only think about getting what's on the list. Nothing else. Report
gretat ideas and helpful for next grocery trip. Thank you. Report
This is a great article and a lot of these articles have helped me in the grocery store. When I am in the check out line I do get my groceries in order on the belt and the only thing I put in my pile while waiting is a pack of sugar free chewing gum. I have learned a lot of helpful information in articles like these. Keep on educating us for life. Thanks! Report
I beat the supermarket ploys by joining a food co-op! No frills, no junk food, super-low prices, and the produce aisles take up 1/3 of the store! There is one small aisle with cereal, snacks, granola bars, and chocolate, but it is all the way at the back of the store, so it's easy enough to just avoid it entirely. Report
I cannot physically grocery shop without my list! The few times I've forgotten, I either called my boyfriend to tell me what was on it, or I bought a few things and came back later. If you get in the mode to create and RELY on a list, all the marketing in the world can't tempt you.

I only deviated by checking out the reduced price bin. There's usually nothing I would need there, but it's sometimes interesting to peek through. Report
Some stores have "no candy" check out lines... I always use those if I have a large shop, or use the self checkout, then you are too busy to be tempted! Report
*sigh* I wish my local market would bring back the sample guy-- he used to cook with fresh vegetables in season, used a lot of chicken and fish, great healthy stuff. You could bring him some mysterious veggie and he'd have ideas for how to use it.
I guess he wasn't pushing enough of the prepackaged junk-- stores don't make big enough profits on healthy food. Report
MYTURN11: I do the same thing! He will not deviate from the list and even looks for the bargains and I have a blast in Whole Foods getting the stuff we love! (I do spend too much there but it's on good stuff right?! ) Report
I avoid all of this ~ I send my frugal husband to the regular grocery store with my list and I shop at Trader Joes for the rally good stuff and also at local produce places ;-) Report
Very nicely done! Report
I often look, but I rarely buy these so called "bargains". They invariably end up on my hips or in the bin.

I did get 2 packs of cereal for £2 ( £1.90 each) in Asda(Walmart Group) this week, but I needed some and I avoided the nasty sugary ones and went with the plain shredded wheat minis and multigrain cheerios. I won't need to get cereal again for at least a month. Plus I go for the 2 bags for £2 on fruit. Now that's what I call a bargain. I can't think of anything else. Report
Oh, how true this is. I must admit in the past I fell hook line and sinker for these gimmicks. This would be a good article to take to the store with you for a quick reminder. Report
after working in retail for umpteen (yes that's a number) years, I know many of the tricks. In fact certain brands pay retailers for eye level space, so you have to bend over (goodness sakes actually use a muscle?) to reach for the products whose companies did't pay the "bribe" money!

This doesn't just affect food, but vitamins, OTC meds, even cleaning products. Ever wonder why it's not too dificult to find the brand that just happens to have a coupon in this week's Sunday newspaper? The product placement in the stores is created to coincide with advertising. Check the soda 'endcaps". Pepsi (or Coke, or Kraft Mac and Cheese or. . .) is always on an endcap when there's a coupon or "sale" price.

The only thing about this practice that upsets me is that I didn't think of it first so I would be the one to profit from the marketing plan! ;-)

I am so sad I didn't read this article last week. Sunday I totally bit the dust and bought a Reese's Candy Bar, not the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup but the Reese's Candy bar with peanut butter inside and I ate it all. I had gone in for Reduced Fat Oreo's (my once in awhile treat. I can have three w/ a glass of milk to round out my calorie intake if it allows) and my Mom was sitting in the car waiting for me. I went to the checkout lane and saw that little devil and just had to have it. I knew I shouldn't, I knew I was just hungry But I did it anyway. And then to top it all off I hid it from my Mom (she's trying to lose weight with me) and sneaked to my side of the house to eat it in private.. Eww what bad behaviour!! Report

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