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Important Safety Tips for Outdoor Runners and Walkers

Put Your Safety First with These 6 Strategies


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Great article even on the third read Report
Good info share...Thx! Report
Need to do the I.C.E.thing on my phone Report
So many good tips. In my city where I walk there are corners where hedges are so hugh I can’t see what ir who is coming around the bend, like a bike or skateboard. On the walking paths in parks, same problem. Especially on weekends , and it is generally a biker on a pedestrian path. Report
I carry a walking stick and swing it if necessary at a dog. Most dogs back off when they know you mean business. I've even made friends with dogs I've originally swung at.

Also never trust a car that might back up out of driveways or parking lots. They might not see you. Report
Common sense, which, unfortunately, ain't too common. apologies to Will Rogers Report
good tips Report
Great tips. I am always walking early in the morning. But there are lots of other walkers so I"m not alone. Always carry my cell phone. Got my ICE entry. Thank you for that! Report
good article Report
If I pick up a stone, or even mimic doing so, and look like I'm going to throw it at them, dogs almost always stop. In 35 years of running this only failed me once. Report
I am a fairly seasoned runner. I do most of my runs predawn cause I have stuff to do. I also carry a whistle and pepper spray (which ever one is legal for normal people) right on my reflective vest, so they know I have it. I run alone...no one else is as nuts as I am to wake up so early. Plus the whistle and spray can be a dog deterant too. I prefer running when there are less cars, so to avoid intersection issues and it is better on my pacing so I don't have to keep stopping. I have also stopped 95% percent of the time running with music. It allows me to hear my surroundings as a single female on the road. And I am always prepared to have to fight for my life if some A-hole has some idea, take a self defense class every 1 -2 years I suggest. Report
If you have a password code or something like that on your phone, make sure your ICE information is on your lock screen. Otherwise, no one will be able to get to it. Report
Great article. I shared it on Facebook since I know many people will be walking and running a lot on these Summer days. Thanks for sharing on Spark. Report
Good info Report
Entered my ICE info immediately. Thanks! Report

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