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Important Safety Tips for Outdoor Runners and Walkers

Put Your Safety First with These 6 Strategies


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Thanks! Report
Be alert. Too many runners listen to their music too loud, and too many walkers are glued to their cell phone... Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Great suggestions. Report
Thank You.............. Report
I carry my cell phone. I live in the country. No telling what kind of critters we might come across Report
Great tips whenever near a roadway Report
Important info Report
Another couple of ideas when seeing a dog, don't give eye contact, move to the other side of the street (because the dog may just be protecting its territory) and I usually tell the dog to sit. If the dog responds, I am no longer projecting fear. Report
I agree on the list here and even though the article is 10 years old, the items here are still totally relevant. Report
thanks for the tips- I'll have to change my route to adjust walking or jogging against the flow of traffic. Makes good sense! Report
Great article even on the third read Report
Good info share...Thx! Report

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