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How Weight-Loss Blogging Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Blog Away the Pounds!


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Blogging makes you think it through Report
Blog to yourself alone...... Report
Excellent Report
Thanks! These great articles really do help! Report
Good article, makes me want to go blog,so, well done Report
Ok...it’s an old article. Still pertinent. I often have thought some hurdle over sfter posting a blog. It is the feedback for me. On several occasions I got very good advice. Best of all- redoing a paragraph, thinking it through, getting it clear. Blogging is a positive act & self help. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
an older article that is still relevant today Report
Thanks for sharing this one! Report
Consumption of weight loss foods and following weight loss diet plan is good to curb the excess amount of stored fat. There are several exercises that will burn the belly fat. Performing yogic yoga and weight loss is also a good idea to achieve the goal. Report
A 9 year old article. Report
Great article! I need accountability; I'm going to try this! Thanks!! Report
Thank you Report
Great article!

I have maintained that blogging is far more beneficial to the blogger than to those who read it. Report
I write a daily blog here on SparkPeople and have found what you wrote about to be true. There are times I don't feel like writing a blog then I remember the people who have said some of the things I've shared have helped them get through a tough day and they look forward to reading my blog. Thank you very much for this article. Report

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