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Healthy School Lunches Kids Will Actually Eat

40 Real-LifeTips from Real Moms


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Bagging salad is tough; but there are easier ways to get healthy foods in. Instead of traditional salad, opt for salad-wraps... where you make the sandwich wrapped in a huge leaf of lettuce! You can also add a back of raw veggies with a tiny cup of dipping sauce. Report
I have a teen son who will only take all disposable containers. I am always struggling to have items that can be both healthy and fit in a ziploc. It can be done but how do I get a salad into a bag? It
It's hard to be cool when mommy pushes good for you! Lol Report
What about PB&J? Report
great tips! Report
I love these ideas, especially as I have seen some of the food the school offers. I was shocked to discover how few schools have a kitchen anymore, plastic wrapped lunches are heated in another location & delivered to the school!

I would add that you need need to be aware if your child's school is a peanut free zone & plan accordingly. I find almond butteer makes a good substitute (thought it is more expensive). I think the smoothie idea is very clever & will pass that along to my friend with a hard to feed first grader.

Be cautious with what low fat products you are offering a child (or yourself). Most have strange chemicals or sugar added in place of the fat. Sometimes a little full fat is better than a lot of additive fillled substitute.

Over all a very helpful article! Report

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