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9 Meal Makeovers that Will Please Parents and Kids


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You would think that living in rural Guatemala would mean that the kids meal options would be whole foods like the adults but they're all the same over processed foods. My 7 year old has decided that she's DONE with kids meals because they're all boring. She wants what mom has, stewed meat with rice and vegetables and some tortillas. We still eat too many carbs to be skinny but we're happy. lol Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
Good ideas Report
thanks Report
I've been a very fussy since the moment I started to eat!!

I'm finally eating Freggies. How? I'm a texture eater. If the Freggies have a bite, that ain't right!!

So yes!! I use my food processor to beat the daylights out of them. Now in 2 eggs I'll put in 4 servings of veggies!! I love smoothies,,,hmm no green stuff, but now I'm eating much better!! Report
Good article- Thanks! Report
Great! Report
Great ideas Report
Good information. I do enjoy adding or changing up my recipes to keep them from getting boring. Report
Good information contained in this article. Good read! Report
Now to just live this lifestyle as much as possible Report
Now help me find a way to get my PARENTS to eat right! :D Report
love the ideas in this article on making what are normal menu items healthier. give me a lot of great ideas. I'm excited to make them chicken nuggets!! :) Report

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