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9 Meal Makeovers that Will Please Parents and Kids


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Excellent!!! Thanks for the suggestion. Report
I always found whatever was on my plate, even though it was the same as theirs tasted better to my babies and now grandbabies.
I always add a little hot spices to my food. Grow my own peppers. Report
Most of these ideas are OK, but I do know that if my mom had added onion or black pepper to my food, I would not have eaten it. Too spicy! Report
Ive added high fiber oatmeal (red mill) and beans to a meatloaf, and put mexican spices in it. It stretched out the meat and made it healthier. Report
I always add shredded zuccini to my meatloaf, not only does it add the veggies it also keeps the meatloaf very moist. I added it for years before I my husband found out what the "secret" to my moist meatloaf was!!! Report
these are great ideas, my kids are grown but I may use them on my hubby who is obsessed with sugary/sodium laden foods. Report

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