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An Introduction to the Spinning Program

Turn on the Spin Cycle


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I appreciated JTRYJANKOWSKI's spin comments. I started spinning a few weeks ago. I had always been intimidated by the concept. It has become my favorite cardio exercise. I just can't push myself like that when I workout by myself. I like to go to a 5:30 am class because I like to get my workout over with. This week I discovered the varying routines of different instructors. I had such a good time yesterday that I did 2 classes back to back ( I am older than most in the class). Today was energizing as the instructor had us singing the chorus on the music when we were in the seated position. Report
I tried spinning but my experience was not like this. The person leading us was cut throat to the extreme. I went 2 or 3 times and never went back. Maybe I will try again once they get a couple more started at my club. Report
i am goin to my first spin class this morning and i am excited and nervous at the same time Report
Spinning is my cardio of choice. Even on days I don't feel like working out I force myself to class and never regret it. How can you hold back when the instructor is up front motivating you to give it your all. Report
I've always wanted to try spinning, since I'm an avid cyclist and I thought this might improve my outdoor activity. So when I ghot the chance to try it ealrier this year, I did. And I'm hooked on it ever since. It challenges me, and it's one of the few group activities I really enjoy. It gives a great work-out, and it has helped my outdoor cycling as well. Report
My husband and I took our first spinning class and we really liked it - we aren't even bikers. The instructor was great and was very knowledgeable telling us to go at our own pace. I especially like the low impact aspect. The seat didn't really bother me - the instructor slanted it forward a little and I think that helped. Report
I have been spinning now for 10 months, and absolutely love it. It is a challenging exercise, but one that I can control the level of intensity. I usually get halfway through the class and am absolutely beat, thinking to myself, "I just can't do another half hour," but then before I know it, the class is done and I feel so great, not only for surviving another hour class, but for the energy it gives me and the calories I've just burned. Report
Took my first "Begin to Spin" class the other day--30 minutes. WOW! I've been biking a lot in the past year, but this was really different--and it was a fantastic workout! I'm definitely going back. But I'm sticking to the 30 minute class for at least a few weeks before I work up to the longer classes! Report
As for some of those question I saw,
I wear a heart rate monitor and I see between 450 and 800 calories for a 45-60 minute spinning session. It depends on your age, weight, and sex, but also on your fitness level. If your fitness level increases, it will take a more rigorous workout (ie more resistance on the bike or faster pedaling or "jumps") to burn the same number of calories you used to. Another thing that prevents good aerobic exercise is, if you spend a lot of time "running" or standing in positions 2 or 3, DO NOT lean on the handlebars or put your weight into your arms. Even in position 3, the weight should be centered over the feet and just angled forward for activation of a different muscle. It's like doing the Stairmaster and leaning on the machine...you don't work your legs!

Also, as a spinning instructor, the most common thing I see is that people don't add enough resistance to their bikes. You can't always go by what the instructor says, that's true...you need to find the resistance where you feel little difficulty but your hips aren't bouncing when seated, and this is your "flat road" or "light resistance". Most people turn the knob left so far that they aren't getting any resistance, aren't burning any calories, and could potentially hurt themselves if they go to standing, position two or three.

As for the bike seat issue, there are three options: 1.) take a few more classes and you will probably see that the pain eventually goes away (I guess your butt just gets used to it) ; 2.) get a special seat cover that's padded (sold at stores like Dick's or Bert's Bikes and Fitness); or 3.) buy a pair of those special shorts/pants for spinning that have a built in pad in the butt region and between the upper thigh. Also, depending on where you feel the pain, it may be that your seat is adjusted too far forward or backward. Ask the spinning instructor to help you... if you are not concerned with being "regulation" (that is, when the seat is level with the handlebars), it is most comfortable to have the handlebars higher and the seat so that when you are sitting with your feet level, you can just see your toes over your knee.

:) Report
Just as much of a challenge as running, but without putting unnecessary strain on my bones and joints... definitely the best workout I can get. I'm always encouraging my friends to come with me since it's the kind of thing you can do at your own pace, but (in a good class with good music) you'll find you want to push yourself by turning up the resistance or doing jumps!...even if only for 30 seconds to make your legs burn!
Yay for spinning! Report
Spinning was introduced at the gym I attend about one year ago. Before I did spin, I used alot of different cardio machines, but not until I started the spinning class did I see results. I do spin class three days a week and I love it. Spinning works!! It tones your legs, butt, arms, the entire body. Report
How is this different from a stationary bike? Report
i'm a college student, and i have to say i feel lucky because my college has spinning classes.. i've been in 3 classes (unfortunately, i haven't been able to go again during this 3 weeks) and all of them , at the end of the session, my bottom hurts because of the seat, does anyone know how to solve that problem??? Report
I too love spinning - I wear a heart rate monitor and burn on average 250 - 275 calories in a 50 minute class. Not sure where the 500 calorie figure is coming from... Report
I too love spinning - I wear a heart rate monitor and burn on average 250 - 275 calories in a 50 minute class. Not sure where the 500 calorie figure is coming from... Report

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