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The Loopholes of Food Labeling


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Thanks for sharing Report
Tonya,`I want to thank you so much for the informafioin you give,It helps so much.I have been interested in nutristion and exercise sence I can't remember when .It seems like I always have been .If I was to do things over I would be a health and exercise cooah, As it is I am 65 and it is to late to start now ,so I will just read everything I can ,But I do try to help others with what I read and know I belong to a Adult Day Center and I try to helm everyone I can. I guess you can call me "THE CENTER COACH. thanks again and keep the articles coming. Report
I continually learn about food label reading, it seems as if they find "loopholes" to fool us. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Nice article Report
Good article Report
One thing for sure marketing picture and statements on containers and what food labels actually say are not the same. Report
Great explanation of the tricky terms. Report
Info that all of us should know! Thanks for taking the time to share this one! Report
Excellent points and good to see...it helps to understand why there's such a struggle to strike a healthy nutritional balance. Report
Very interesting Report
Great information! Report
Good "stuff" to know. Report
Good article Report
good to know info...be on your guard Report

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