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The Loopholes of Food Labeling


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Excellent article. Thank you, very informative. Report
Reading labels is a tricky thing. Report
Good article. Report
some people would rather tell you six lies than tell the truth. Food labels are a prime example! Report
Thanks Report
I didn't used to read the labels like I do now, since I've been a SparkFriend. Thank you for the learning experience. Make it a great day! Report
I continue to learn about label reading. Report
Lots of great information in this article. Report
Great article Report
I see way too many things listed as Gluten-free that never were composed of Gluten anyways! Report
Great article..I never knew the bit about trans fat and minimal amounts don't have to be counted.. Report
Yeah, packages can be tricky! I always look at the nutrition label and ingredients before I decide to buy! Report
This is unbelievable!!!! This article was written on January 2004, which is 13 years ago!!!! Yet it's posted as a current item.

Please Sparkpeople team, archive your old articles!!!
Au natural is just easier. Report

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