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The Loopholes of Food Labeling


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My favoite comment that I see on lablels is "Low", "Lower" or "Less". For example "Low Sodium", "Less Surgar". I always ask less than What? Lower than what?

I bought vegatable stock the other day. The front said "Lower in sodium" So I flipped it over. It had over 500mg of sodium per serving. "Lower than what? A can of salt?" I kept looking until I found one with 330mg Report
An excellent reminder that we need to be smarter than the folks trying to sell us junk! I love bulgur wheat, and it's REALLY hard to find at my grocery because all the hi-sodium processed and flavored rice products take up all the shelf space. Remember, processed foods also cost more! Report
This article should be read by every consumer!!! We really are what we eat! Wow! It seems to me that it is all about selling!!!! Go Get em' .Gov! Report
Thank you so much for this article and the others. It isn't too often that I complete all three. I learned a great deal!!!! Report
I find it very misleading when nutritional facts give the information for portions much smaller than most people generally consume, like a bottle of juice or a sugary drink that looks good at first glance until you notice that it says "1 bottle = 2.5 servings". Tricky!

I'm often concerned when something is labeled as "lean" or "light" but still has LOTS of sodium, which is not particularly healthy. Report

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