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7 Key Nutrients Vegetarians and Vegans Need to Watch


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Thank u Report
I liked the article, but didn't understand this:
"Daily supplement: If supplementation is necessary, choose a multivitamin-mineral supplement that provides at least 10 mcg of B-12.
Weekly supplement: If a larger dose supplement is used weekly, the supplement should contain 2,000 mcg of B-12 and be taken once a week."
Why 200 daily doses for a 7-day week? Report
Good to know, thank you Report
Definitely Report
so the comment in the article about protein amounts "An easy rule of thumb is that your daily protein requirement is the same as your weight in kilograms. (Simple divide your weight in pounds by 2.2. ...") - that should apply to protein needs at our goal weight, right? because otherwise we are maintaining our current weight if we apply that protein (like I did, which came up with well over 100 grams of protein a day, but by goal weight it would be more like 60 grams.). Report
Thanks - good to know. Report
thanks for sharing Report
I have been vegetarian my whole adult life when I was finally free of my meat eating family. I consumed dairy products, but was a 'bad' one, eating processed foods like pasta, beans, bread and soup. I only gained weight later in life due to junk food. When I cut it out I did lose some of the weight. Part of my problem was eating too much bread. I didn't finally lose all my weight until I eliminated grain products. My Naturopath suggested a vegan healing elimination diet to cure my RA. The foods most likely to cause inflammation are gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, sugar, eggs. My blood tests have always been good, so obviously I am doing something right in my choices of food and supplements. A lot of illness is caused by what you eat. You can have a food sensitivity and not even know it. Being diagnosed with IBS is a clue. My RA is in remission, but my osteo is not. I added back some dairy, but may have to take it out again. It is considered by many to be a good healing diet, but not something to be on permanently. The claim is vegans have a high rate of sickness. I don't get sick. While people all around me hack it up with colds or get the flu, I haven't had one, ever. Only once, when I was a kid, I caught the flu. But we are all experiments of one and have to find the sweet spot of what works for us. Report
Lots of different replies on this one Report
There are many outstanding plant sources of calcium as well as protein. I'm on a limited protein diet (Ornish) and have to track/plan carefully to not exceed my protein allowance for the day on a vegan diet. Report
I need to make sure I get enough protein. Report
I have been a vegetarian since day 1 of life. I have never eaten a chicken nugget or hamburger or fish or anything. I do eat dairy and eggs rarely, but I've never had any nutrition issues in the whole 34 years of my life. I have gained lots of weight, dropped lots of weight, and given birth to 2 perfectly healthy kids with no issues. I've never taken vitamin supplements (except some vegan prenatal vitamins when pregnant), and I still have long/healthy hair, healthy/strong nails, no health issues, lots of energy, and I'm in a healthy weight range. It can be done! :)

I'm not saying everyone would be like me as a vegetarian, and maybe if you've eaten meat in the past it's different? I don't do anything out of the ordinary with my diet (other than avoid meat) and eat lots of varieties of food. IMHO, variety is the key...I'm not going to go out & buy a bunch of random foods just to perfectly match nutrition requirements. What a pain! Report
This article is outdated and a little silly. Plant based foods literally offer the highest quality and best source of all nutrients. Healthy vegans (not junk food vegans - but whole foods, high carb vegans) literally lack nothing except perhaps B12. Report
Dietary supplements for vegetarians is kind of hard to be fulfilled. Specially, if you do not have access to organic farm products. Most fruits and vegetables have injected hormones, and most people tend to avoid it. Report
my dr put me on a protein diet , just meat , vegs , salads , fruit , how much weight you can tell me how much weight can i lose in a month , Report

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