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7 Key Nutrients Vegetarians and Vegans Need to Watch


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68 grams of protein? Not happening. That's way too much! Too much protein stresses the kidneys and interferes with calcium absorption. I reset my nutrition tracker to a minimum of 45, and no, I don't feel hungry and unsatisfied after meals. That's just ridiculous. Report
I'm not as emotional as BILBY4, but the information is dangerously incomplete/simplified. For example, a discussion about proteins in a vegetarian diet is not simply about eating more nuts and soy. You have to understand the concept of complete proteins and essential amino acids to make sure your diet has the right mix -- total grams of protein is not enough. One also needs to ensure that you have the right calorie mix given the lower protein density of vegetables. Similarly, the other issues are also over simplified and therefore could lead to incorrect behavior. Talk to a nutritionist, dietitian or bariatric physician or spend time reading the professional literature. Report
WOW!!! Lots of info here. Even though I am not vegetarian I lean in that direction, some days forgetting to eat enough protein. I like eggs, beans and a little meat so must remember to incorporate more of them into diet.
Thanks for bringing out all of these aspects of a healthy diet. Report

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