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6 Stretches for Runners After Crossing the Finish Line

How to Properly Stretch After You Run


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Thank you! Report
Thanks Report
Love the presentation Report
I need to stretch more. Report
I need to stretch more for sure Report

Great article Report
I need to stretch more, Report
Stretching is important, but I still can't do the ones on the ground. Report
When I went to the gym to lift weights, I took 2 teenage boys to play basketball. I did not tell them when I started my stretches. I called to them when it was time to go home. One the 7-minute drive their muscles started to tighten. When we got in the house I told them to get on the floor with me and do some stretches. One did and was amazed at how quickly his muscles stopped hurting the other didn't stretch and was still hurting. My guess is that he went somewhere private later to do his stretches. Report
thanks Report
Look doable-- Report
Great stretches even if you’re not a runner. Report
Good need-to-know information! Report

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