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Walking and Running Tips for City Dwellers

Get a Great Workout in an Urban Landscape


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Great article! Report
Good to know. Thanks! Report
all good tips. keep alert when you walk. Report
Great tips! Report
Keep moving forward Report
Love the idea of doing something other than jogging in place at a crosswalk wait. Report
Good article. Thanks for sharing! Report
Thank you Report
Thank You for the great tips.............. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Good tips, thanks. Report
Talk about strange things, when A friend and I were in Chicago, we were riding the bus. I happened to look out the window and there was a lady in all silver. She had painted her face and did I don't know what she did to her hair. Maybe it was a wig. She looked like she could have been the Tin Woman! Report
Every time I pass a person with headphones on but so loud that I can hear their music I cringe because I know they are not safe. Report
thanks Report
Thanks! Report

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