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Walking and Running Tips for City Dwellers

Get a Great Workout in an Urban Landscape


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Even in the suburbs you need to be aware of what is happening around you. For years I lived a block away from a street level train station in NJ. 2 deaths happened at the crossing (which included a railroad crossing light, and barrier,,,both wearing earphones). The other issue is, in the suburbs where you have TURN ON RED, you always need to be mindful of a driver who is in a hurry. Some people will make that turn even when they see a CAR, and they are almost blind to a pedestrian. Report
I live in Pittsburgh and have found that since I work pretty much downtown, I run so much more. If you've ever been to Pittsburgh, there are bridges everywhere. My goal this summer is to cross each bridge in the general vicinity of downtown at least once. I am up to 6. After work, I head over to the Y to workout. Instead of jumping on the trolley, I head out for a nice run before step class. I also use red lights to stretch and catch my breath if I need it.

My city-running mantra is that if I can keep going, I do. For example, I keep running through downtown until I come upon a DO NOT WALK sign. I don't stop until I have to. Also, if my intended course has me stopped but I could take a different route and not stop, I opt for that. That has really helped me to up my mileage slowly. Its like a game. Running through a city is slower so I leave it for the end of my run as a cool down. Report
I use red light to catch my breath - yea so there's that.

One advantage to running in the city is that there are water fountains around if you know where they are. There are also more and more greenways, you just have to watch out for the bikes.

I'm surprised there wasn't any talk of headphones in this article as it relates to safety. Report
This article is kind of a no-brainer. However, I did like the suggestion of using red light breaks to do squats or something else instead of jogging in place (which is what I usually do). Report

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