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What Causes Heart Disease?

Are You At Risk for Heart Disease?


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The missing new science is on oxidative stress and low intracellular magnesium levels and their role in heart disease. Most of the issues listed in the article are oxidative stressors that cause damage and dysregulation at a cellular, tissue and systemic level. Oxidative stress appears to lower intracellular magnesium levels which makes it difficult to maintain healthy antioxidant status and will ultimately lead to electrical problems in the heart that cause arrhythmias and heart attacks. Oxidative stress also leads to calcium loading in the cell, low nitric oxide availability in the bloodstream, and elevated peroxynitrite levels--a toxin that damages the blood vessel walls and leads to plaque formation. Oxidative stress also causes mitochondrial dysfunction, which makes muscles less able to produce energy, which given the heart is a muscle is also problematic. Mitochondrial dysfunction and insulin resistance are key to diabetes, which is also oxidative stress-driven. This is a thumbnail sketch, but pretty accurate from a high level. I supplement with magnesium and plant polyphenols to mitigate these issues. No heart attacks yet, but I should probably quit my high-stress job. Report
A more accurate study was done by Dr John Yudkin - entitled pure white and deadly. Report
ANCEL KEYS got paid off by the SUGAR INDUSTRY to concoct a "study" of CHERRY PICKED results to come to the conclusion they wanted- it wasn't even a clinically based study nor was it of a proper sample size . Report
Thanks Report
This article is 7 years old - surely there's something newer with more up to date information and reflecting recent research. Not all of it is out of date, but there have been some pretty big advances. Report
Excellent article. Good need-to-know information! Report
Thanks. Report
good info Report
SUGAR. SUGAR _CAUSES_ HEART DISEASE. I’m a journalist. This fact was known in the 1960s, and covered-up in a scandal that we’re still harmed by today. Does this SparkPeople article clearly state that SUGAR CAUSES HEART DISEASE?? See mainstream news reports for September, 2016, regarding the U.S. sugar industry and their 1960s BRIBERY scandal in which they paid off several influential nutrition researchers who worked at Harvard University. They are named in the 2016 news reports, and, today, all are deceased. Report
I need to read this daily! Report
Good info Report
Great information to know. Report
High cholesterol has always been a struggle, even when I seem to be doing everything correctly. Report
High cholesterol is my down fall. Report
Great information! Report

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