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What Causes Heart Disease?

Are You At Risk for Heart Disease?


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Good tips, Coach! Thank you! Report
I used to be a smoker, but quit when I had to walk the school children up to the 4th floor,daily. I would be out of breath and could barely make it to my desk. Report
What effect will the trend towards eating a high fat diet - Keto - have for heart disease? Report
Your article shares lots of great information. Thank you for sharing. Report
Keep Going. Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life.

Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end. - Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart ~ 2/11/18 Report
This article needs updating---numerous recent studies show that high cholesterol does not cause heart disease, but rather inflammation of the a arterial walls does. Arteries become inflamed or weakened (for a variety of reasons) the body sends cholesterol to the site to strengthen the arteries and help prevent leakage/aneurysm. Detect/control the inflammation and cholesterol will not be a problem. Report
interesting article Report
A great reminder of things known but forgotten or ignored Report
I don't usually buy or eat anything "low fat". The problems is the chemicals that are added to make it edible. Report
Great Info. Thank you. Report
Excellent information, take prescribed meds, don't stop! Report
Good info share... Tank you! Report
I'm not sure about the comment about "low fat bandwagon" since it seemed to contradict the overall comment, but I agree about the margarine vs butter comment. It's when people try to take what is natural and try to "improve" it so that they can get a patent that we run into trouble, e.g. the pharmaceutical industry has done just that. Natural is always better. Report
" a study with a single subject proves NOTHING?" and I guess the demonization of FAT by so many health experts in the 80's was better - I think the low fat bandwagon did MORE to decrease heart health than dietary fat (in reasonable amounts ever did. I really don't care if you want to cast aspersions on my observations they are still valid. And by the way his son in law started eating MARGARINE instead of butter because a doctor recommended it and ended up having multiple heart attacks . Report
Thanks for the information. I didn't know a couple.

http://healmony.com Report

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