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5 Mind-Body Exercises for a Healthier Heart

Holistic Ways to Boost Heart Health


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Great! Thanks for sharing! Report
Excellent advice for indoor physical conditioning, however, the season is conducive to moving our bodies as we are designed to do, walk, run use self-powered vehicles for increased motivation. Report
This is a very motivational article! Report
Motivational. Thank you. Report
great article! Report
Far too often we ignore the mind-body connection. Report
I have done Tai Chi and still use deep breathing. While waiting at the dr office, I was doing the breathing. When my blood pressure was checked it was in normal range. Didn't tell them about the breathing or drinking green tea as well as dandelion leaf tea. I am to use a prescribed water pill for the blood pressure. Havent taken it in a months. Report
great article Report
All the societies, on the whole, are facing various issues. These problems are found existing in all the levels of the society.Read more about http://dyanyoga.com/yoga-way-to-healthy-li
ving/ Report
Excellent article - informative and motivating. Report
I enjoyed reading this article and starting slowly with one short session a week of yoga. I've wanted to learn about yoga and try yoga for a long time now. It feels good to begin. Report
Actually there is NOTHING wrong with karatedo for heart patients,. I have had several recovering heart patients AS STUDENTS . There have been several studies touting the benefits to training for the heart. You are going to tell me Tai Chi s OK AND KARATE ISN'T? I bet you have never darkened the inside of a dojo in your life.

Great article! Yoga is such a health and powerful way for folks to be fit and no matter what your physical situation you can begin. (Chair yoga, beginners yoga). Thanks for the info about TM - I've been practicing regularly for over 10 years and it has changed my life is so many ways. On top of that list is managing stress better and feeling great! Report
Good article! Thanks Report
I never knew that yoga can reduce the risk of heart disease. I really enjoy yoga and meditation. This article inspires me to continue making time in my schedule do to each one, and how beneficial it will be for my health. Report

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