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Why Kids Need to Spend Time Outdoors

Does Your Child Suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder?


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thanks for sharing Report
-porno/ Report
She pulled herself up, shutting the fridge and put the vegetables aside. She would sort them later. For now she wanted to get out of there. She was conflicted by the comment too, he'd called her 'beautiful', and a part of her was thrilled. Of course she wasn't so thrilled by the implications of the other half of the comment.

Ariana didn't know what she'd done to deserve such rudeness, but employee or not she was going to set him straight.

"I like this dress," she said angrily, "And maybe it isn't Chanel or Dior but I like it just fine. Some of us need to make do with what we have."

"I'm sorry, I seem to keep offending you," he did look genuinely sorry, but she still felt embarrassed. It was all just one big reminder that she was fooling herself if she ever thought she'd fit into his world. She shook her head, putting away the grocery bags. Ariana had thought she had looked nice in the dress, even if it was second-hand. There had never been enough money to even think of buying something new. Not even before she'd been kicked out of home all those years ago. Report
Great Article Report
I agree, we all need more time in nature. Thank you! Report
thanks Report
Thanks, good read! Report
All of us need more outdoor time. Walking , exploring, camping, hiking the mountains, any thing that the outdoor experience offers! Report
Love and appreciate that we have wonderful outdoor activity opportunities to share with our granddaughter!! Report
Being outdoors makes us all feel better and freer. Report
Ever since game systems came out, it was a chore to get the kids outside to play Report
I agree...not just the kids but adults as well.... Report
A our homework was completed, this would be our place to hang out and enjoy the neighborhood. I saw a sign in a neighborhood I was driving through that says, "Drive like your children live here". I love it! Report
So happy I was able to raise my kids in a smaller town druing a time when they could play free outdoors. Now you have to be careful and have children supervised at all times. Report
thanks Report

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