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The Truth about Alcohol and Heart Health

Is Drinking Actually Good for You?


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Thanks Report
Interesting article. Report
This article is so dated, I'm surprised Spark People is still running it. Please update your articles, SP!!
Any level of alcohol consumption is dangerous: (from August 2018) https://www.thelancet.com/article/S0140-67
36(18)31571-X/fulltext Report
Meta-analysis is a lazy means of reporting. One cannot draw all the study results into a database and report the complied data as it does not demonstrate the conditions of the individual studies.

This article is old and no longer valid. For current data, one should read more recent studies (not meta analysis reports.) Report
Good need-to-know information, thanks! Report
This article was written in 2011... newer research is saying maybe Not! Report
I only drink alcohol a few times a year because alcohol is a poison.

And if that’s not enough to get you to stop drinking it maybe the fact that it’s high in non-nutritive calories and carbohydrates and will make you gain weight.

Good article. Good need-to-know information. Thanks. Report
Thanks for this article there is allot of information being passed around and I am never sure what is scientifically bases or just personal option. Report
Anything in moderation unless advised by dr otherwise. Report
I don't drink at all. Good comments , though! Report
NIH just pulled a study on alcohol consumption; turns out some of the researchers were a little too close to folks in the alcohol industry. Report
I notice there's no mention of alcohol being a Group I carcinogen nor that WHO considers no amount of alcohol consumption safe due to the cancer risk. Report
Love reading the comments! Report
the comments are more interesting than the article. js Report

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