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8 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn't Working

Sneaky Reasons Why You're Not Getting Results


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Working too hard or not working hard enough? Starts like that make me wonder just what you're really saying. My workout isn't working because I'm not perfect? If I was perfect, I wouldn't need a workout. Report
Good points to consider- Report
Good points Report
Thank You Report
Thank you. Report
New job is a desk job. Adding a reminder to move! Sitting all day in front of a computer is crazy. Report
I added a Barre workout to my routine of 3 to 4 Jazzercise classes a week! Adding that workout changed my body so much and I can now wear pants that I couldn't even get closed last winter. Barre is hard with the right teacher but it is so worth it. It just happens that my daughter is the teacher and she was shocked I likeed it as there is a lot of up and down. So challenging and so rewarding! I won't give up either (and I'm 65) Report
Many good points to consider Report
Great information, thank you Report
Good information. Thank you. Report
I am guilty of most of these. Report
Thanks Report
I don't sit around because am busy in my schedule and I really don't stay in my apartment during the day, the only time am siting around it will be in the evening or a certain day or a class. I do workout alto on Monday with my aunt or a gym and Tuesday I do a you tub workout and Wednesday walking after my classes and Thursday I do a you tub workout and Friday I do a light workout on you tub and I walk after my class in the evening. I go to the gym on some Saturday. On Sunday is my rest day. Report

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