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8 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn't Working

Sneaky Reasons Why You're Not Getting Results


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I'm definitely guilty of trading off sleep for my workout dates. I'm going to be more conscience of my rest time. Report
Our bodies are amazingly balanced systems. When things are not balanced properly, they don't function as they should. If the sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, glucose, etc. levels in our blood are too high OR too low, it is unhealthy.

Too little sleep is harmful. So is too much. Too many calories causes excess fat storage and a host of other problems going along with that. Too few, and our bodies are unhealthy in other ways. Having no fat in our diets is unhealthy. A diet of 100% fat (or carbs or protein for that matter) would be terribly unhealthy.

Everything we do to care for our bodies must be balanced to be beneficial.

This article takes balance into consideration rather well. Thanks for posting it! Report
Great advice especially since I sit at a computer all day At least I work upstairs and must go up and down to make copies. Report
Really good tips for folks to work on incorporating if they aren't seeing results. Too many times folks usually turn up the dial even more if they see no results. They never think that maybe they're doing too much in the first place. Report
Proper nutrition doesn't "fuel" *anything.* It just makes sure all your parts are working properly so that you can get the most out of your workouts and not hurt yourself. People need to quit confusing calories and nutrition. It'd be like saying gasoline and spare parts are the exact same thing. And I think your car would have something to say about that.

Cut those calories back far enough and there's no way you are going to get enough nutrients for stuff to continue working properly. You will also start losing lean mass. Lots and lots of studies have been done now showing that what you eat is far more important than how much you eat. Even the Twinkie Diet guy was still in the almost-obese bodyfat percentage range, and had lost 8 to 9 pounds of lean mass while he was "proving" it doesn't matter what you eat. His own data disagreed with his conclusion.

Rather like the state of a *lot* of nutrition science nowadays, to tell you the truth. Even with the China Study, T. Colin Campbell didn't read his own data!

Anyway. Pay attention sometime to the messages given men who are trying to get into shape. They are not told to genteely starve. They are told to EAT. They are even--*gasp*--told to eat meat! Denying food to women to give more of a lion's share to the men is a longstanding and disgraceful tradition across much of the world, and *we* are the ones who make the babies and then have to physically recover for years afterward. Shame on the diet industry for perpetuating this message even though there is *zero* real science to back it up. It's not just hurting us--it's hurting our kids. Report
Really solid advice from the Spark folks. i am going to save this one. Report
good reference article! Thanks for listing the "problem" with the link for solving it! Report
While there are some good points in the article, the item about sleep leaves a lot to be desired. There's a fair amount of material written about sleep and weight loss, pointing out the SKIPPING sleep causes weight gain. This article states that too much sleep causes weight gain. It can't be both ways!! I would like to see the references/citations of the research that says that too much sleep causes weight gain. Report
I learned so much from this article especially #2 which said you may be working out too hard. I do at least 30 mins of Wii advanced step everyday to try to get rid of my belly fat. This has been going on for over 6 months now. Nothing is happening. My waist is not getting smaller and my weight has been on a plateau that long. It's time to take what I learned here and make some changes. Thank you for posting this. :) Report

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