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Can You Be Overweight and Healthy?

Getting to the Weight of the Matter


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My guess is that if you read all these SP articles & review the info from the studies, most Sparkers have a better handle on this than the average GP or internist. Unless that is the medical specialty that his or her most recent license recertification focused upon, you can better explain to your Dr where you think you're at currently based upon your lab numbers, BMI, food plan, exercise routine & weight loss to date over the recent past. Report
Stick with it! You can do it.
interesting Report
I am currently obese and fit. Now, I want to be overweight and fit. Report
Interesting read. Report
Interesting Report
Thanks for the information Report
Oh yes, you can, SparkFriends and I've seen some overweight people who are quite shapely. Report
thanks Report
Interesting article. Report
Great article! Report
Great article Report
My advice is not to get discouraged. Keep doing what you are doing. It will soon pay off. Report
I understand how frustrating this can be. Report

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