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5 Secrets to Winter Health and Energy

Stay Healthy and Happy to Weather the Season


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Great article. Report
so not looking forward to winter this year. Report
Great article! I moved from a warm/sunny state to a remote, overcast midwestern state with harsh winters. I didn’t expect the change in climate to make such a big difference in my weight.. but it did. Report
Glad when winter is finished. we've had a very cold icy one so far this year. very difficult to get outdoors Report
I needed the pep talk, thank you. Report
Great article, I'm blessed to live in the South but SAD can still hit. Thanks Report
We get cabin fever up north so storms mesn waiting it out at home til roads are passable. That’s when a hobby really comes in handy. If you can get out, even to a mall to walk, it can nake a huge difference. Report
Good article. Excellent suggestions. Report
Nice read. Good need-to-know information! Report
Oh, Spark, how I love you! I just 'happened' up on this this evening. I've spent the day feeling dull and lack-lustre - despite getting out for a lovely walk this morning. I am really feeling the descent of winter - the downturn in temperature, and the dark, dark morning and evenings.

I have candles. I have a 'fake flame' electric fire that is really cosy too.

Right now I'm busting out my hula hoop and doing some twirls to music! Thank you xxx Report
Thank you! Report
I'm not letting winter be my excuse for slacking off. I've worked too hard to get where I'm at. Report
Great article. Report
I believe you can continue the same thought process during all of the seasons and adjust your locations as well as your exercise programs. If you're focused on making it happen, you'll make it a priority SparkFriends we can and will do it! ! Report

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