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The Pros and Cons of Barefoot Running

The Science (and Common Sense) of Running without Footwear


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thanks Report
Don't think so Report
I would worry about stuff on the ground on which I would step. Swimming shoes seem to be a simple compromise. Report
I could never run for more than 30 seconds in regular shoes. Everything hurt especially my ankles and my hips. I go barefoot as much as I can because truly, I think I have a shoe allergy. 8 years ago I found out barefoot running was a thing. I rode my bike out to a soft trail, took off my shoes and ran for the first time ever! I worried about glass and metal bits but then here on Sparkpeople I found people who were running in swimming shoes just to protect the soles of their feet. I ran my first 5k in $7 swimming shoes and had to field a lot of questions about my fancy minimalist running shoes! I now have a pair of $100 minimalist shoes and truly don't see much difference.
Great innfo Report
Not for me. My feet are too tender. Report
Thanks for the information Report
Seems to me there are more cons than pros Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
this was an interesting article, I have noticed more people running barefoot!
im just waiting for the sand to warm up so I can walk barefoot again.
thanks for a interesting read! Report
Thanks! Report
Thank You...……….. Report
great article Report

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