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Prevent Fitness Setbacks Before They Happen


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Good ideas. Thanks. Report
Due to stress from planning for impending move, not to mention the actual packing etc my back went out so on advise from both dr & chiropractor no longer walking until prlvis is stable again. Getting plenty of movement as I power thru this phase doing what I can. Hate to think whst would have been had I not been walking daily prior to this episode.
Eventually this will pass or I'll be going to physical therapy, just in another state east of the Mississippi River. Report
These are great prevention suggestions. Report
Great article. Report
thanks Report
Great article. Thanks for the info. Report
im pretty sure i've read this article before. It seems familiar to me Report
great info...thanks! Report
Read this too late: Did too much too fast and now on the shelf with a hip injury. Frustrating when it's self-induced. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Thanks for the info Report
I work out early in the morning and never a problem. It's when I used to make it later in the day when excuses used to crop up. Thanks for these suggestions. Report
Great article. Report
I definitely need to work on prevention! Report

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