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Best and Worst Meat Choices


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Thank you for this excellent information. AND thank you for touching on grass-fed/grazed, hormone-free meats and poultry. I try to buy this type of meat and poultry and there is a drastic difference in the taste and look of it.

Thank you for explaining about nitrites and nitrates and added "problem" ingredients that is used the keep meats "safe" from botulism, etc. and keeps them on the shelf longer. I buy only bacon and hotdogs that are nitrite an nitrate-free and they taste great, too! Report
Where's the lamb & venison? And not a mention of fish. le sigh
Thank you for your informative page of meats, we need to be made aware of all the classifications used as they are not standard Report
Don't believe the bunk about "lean" meats. Do yourself a favor and read up on Paleo - you'll get over your fear of fat and get healthier too. Paleo will help you lower your risk of diabetes, improve your triglycerides level, lose weight, get rid of acid reflux, improve your dental health, and generally give you energy to do things you probably can't do now. Do yourself a favor - read "The Perfect Health Diet." Report
I think it's interesting that you left the protein content off of your little charts, which is the entire point of eating meat in the first place. Fat cooks off, depending on how meat is cooked, so the label doesn't really tell you as much as you might think. Report
I honestly didn't know what "lean" or "extra lean" really meant when it comes to meats and how that contributes to diet. Very interesting, thank you :) Report
Very informative. Thank you. Report
I think to make this article more complete vitamin/mineral content should have been added as well. Red meat has higher numbers in some of the viamin/mineral nutritional components (such as iron). One really needs the whole picture before choosing. Report

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