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Seated Workout Videos

Exercises to Burn Calories and Tone Up While You Sit!


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Thank you so much for the information! I have breathing problems and I hope these exercises will be just what I need. Report
These are great for people with back problems (like me). Going to share them with my 76yr old mother. Report
THese are entirely awesome. BEing older, 59, and having had back surgery,knee injuries and other minor plagues, I someitmes need to KNOW there is a workout I can do when walking is more difficult.

I saved this so I can use it when I want to. Thank you. Report
I just figured it out. Click on the little Save heart in the lefthand column. Report
I would also like to add this to my favorites but can't figure out how. Report
Thank you Nicole! I was recently diagnosed with water-on-the-knee and even though it's not enough to warrant surgical or arthroscopic intervention IT HURTS! Man does it hurt! I can't wait to get the clear so I can exercise again, and I will definitely be using your chair workouts! Report
I recently had foot surgery and was so sad It will be atleast 8 weeks until I am running again but this cheered me up finding workout i can do int he mean time to keep myself moving.

thanks! Report
I love these seated workouts! They are intense for me even though I am not standing. Report
I bought my rope to work today. I can't wait to try some of the seated execises. Report
I am a 41yr old woman and I am wheelchair bound with only my right leg. My left leg, from left side of pelvic and hip all the way, is gone. My right hip and rt shoulder was also broken. Due to a car wreck 14 yrs ago. (and I know you are probably thinking 'it was a long time ago, get over it'.I have been fighting weight issues ever since then. I have issues with super bad pain. I am on all kinds of pain meds. I am now at 300lbs. I never dreamed I would be this big. My mother has always had weight issues and I never wanted to have those problems but I am now facing just that. I have tried doing an exercise routine, from my chair. I usually suffer with pain for a day or two after the routine. I am in hopes that this site/program will be just what I need.
I only have dial up internet and for some reason I cant get any videos to work. I can only watch a 3 minute video after waiting for 45 minutes for it to download. So, I cant get these videos to come in. I do hope I can find some around town or online though.
Thanks for any advice, ahead of time. Report
You've made my day! I'm halfway to my weight loss goal and have been working out 6 tx per week on my elliptical. The other day I fell down some stairs and tore two ligaments in my leg and have been so sad and scared that I would lose all the progress I have made if I can't work out. I did three of these seated exercise videos today and my hope is feeling restored! Thanks for addressing the needs of a wide range of people with varying abilities. You're making a huge difference in our lives! Report
HOW do I add THIS page to my favorites??? I want to be able to find it when I get ready to USE it. Report
Paul Eugene has several "chair aerobic" work outs on YouTube, if a person is looking for more variety. He does work outs that are for older people. Report

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