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12 Heart-Smart Tips You Haven't Heard

There's More to Heart Health than Diet and Exercise


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Thank-you for the suggestions. Report
Great list of things to consider to make sure you have a healthy heart. Report
Enjoyed the article, some great info to be remember---thanks Report
Great information,just remember to consult your doctor for the most up to date information. Report
Thank you! Report
great reminders of heart health Report
Aspirin is out because I'm on blood thinners and other heart medicines. Check with your doctor before taking any, even low dose aspirin Report
Thank you for this. I do not floss like I should. Also, I was having some blood pressure fluctuations and they have stopped since I started working to exercise at least 10 minutes most days. Report
One other thing I recently learned was the importance of electrolyte balance. Some things like potassium will cause irregular heartbeat if it is too high or too low. Report
Thanks for the reminder Report
Thank you. Report
Good info, especially the reader comments on aspirin. A new study shows that taking BEFORE a heart attack does prevent you from having one. Taking it after, might prevent another one Report
Worth reminding. Thanks.


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