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How to Overcome Any Excuse Not to Exercise


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Reality Check Report
To see the excuses in print, I've said or heard all of them. I bought my own stuff to exercise at home. Report
thanks for sharing Report
good ideas.. thanks Report
I have perfected the art of excuses! I need to stop it! Report
Any excuse is better than NO excuse!!!!! Report
A very much needed article. Report
The only valid reason to not exercise is if a Dr has restricted you. Otherwise you just have to push yourself to do it.

I'm lazy & would rather not do anything. Most days I just force myself to walk or do prescribed calisthenics. Sometimes I get lucky tho since I do enjoy getting outside in nice weather so then the motivation to walk might be there altho sadly not always.

Now as I'm older I realize it's very important to get & stay active so I do push myself but not every single day. Am hoping that once I get relocated I will do more as I'm looking forward to having a fitness room. I think that availability & a strict routine will get me into a better habit so I don't have to think about it. Report
Feeling good Report
Great article. Report
Thank you Report

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