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Smarter Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


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I ditto my previous comment Report
thank you Report
Thank you! Report
I can do this. Report
Thank You...……... Report
When I want something sweet there are herbal teas that have no sugar but the ingredients taste sweet. Report
Good article Thankyou Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
This blog has it right on the nose Report
I was wanting a little something sweet last night... but I was capped out on my calorie intake. I pulled out my favorite grapes... Cotton Candy Grapes... from the freezer, measured out a cup of them and enjoyed them while I read. I got the sweets fix and the book helped distract me from going back for anything else! Won that battle, which makes me better prepared for the next! :D Report
Moderation in all foods is the answer for me. Report
I rarely buy packages of any sweet treats nor do I have the ingredients at home to make them from scratch. What I do is head to the bakery and buy an individual cookie or cupcake or whatever I'm hankering for. That way I can indulge my craving but don't have a lot to "finish" off. Report
We enjoyed baked apples in the Fall and fresh berries in the Spring, fruit is always a good dessert. Report
Good ideas, but still believe some diet foods are good to satisfy cravings. Report

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