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11 Smart Shopping Tips for Small Households


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thank you Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I shop the meat dept for sales & expiring items. Even if pkg is large, I take it home, separate into smaller portions & freeze or cook into different meals then freeze. You can cook meat or chicken especially to freeze then finish recipe later. Cook your dried beans at the same time & freeze in smaller portions.
We shop the dollar stores, produce stand & watch for ads.
When single I bought large packs then split w/ friends or neighbors to save money. Had a coworker that I could do that with too. She's single & ltd freezer space but would split the cost to get more or better good items.
I like the bulk section for trying new things too. Report
Great tips. Report
Buy items that can be frozen and divide them into single portions at home and freeze them. Then you can take out a portion at a time for cooking.

Be sure to label and date the package if you can't see what it is Report
thanks Report
Great Article Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Those specials do tempt me, but it would be a waste of good money sometimes. It's also good to take advantage of a special and share with a family member or friend. Report
Shopping the salad bar for a small amount of lettuce is a great idea rather than buying a larger amount that could go to waste. I’m going to do that today! Report
I absolutely love the idea of putting the leftover veges, meat, sauces, etc in a freezer container to save up for a soup later on. Why didnt I think of that?? I waste a lot of meat and veges....but no more! Report
Great tips! I especially liked the one about beans, since I am using beans much more often now. Thanks! Report
Very informative article. Report
It's tough to learn to cook for two after years of cooking for a family. Report
Great article. Report

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