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11 Smart Shopping Tips for Small Households


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Thanks for sharing Report
Thank you for the ideas! Report
Great article Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
Great advice! Report
Good ideas! Report
Good tips. Report
We have a place up from where I live that raises their own beef and they will fix whatever you need if they don't have it they will cut it for you pork chop steaks whatever so you're not having to buy too much. Report
Really wonderful tips.... :) Report
Some grocery stores will split packages of meat for you if you ask the butcher. I know they do this at Winn Dixie. That way you can get just 2 pork chops instead of 6. Saves on freezer space.
This was a very helpful article. Thanks so much. Report
I liked this article! Good timing too, as I was just telling my husband how frustrating it is to make a pot of soup or crock pot meals that half of it ends up going to waste because we get sick of eating the same leftovers for 3 days and it's just the two of us. We tended to avoid this in the past by eating out more, but that's too expensive and unhealthy. I decided I am going to half a lot of my crock pot recipes and maybe try freezing soup in individual serving sized bags from now on. I liked a lot of these tips in the article too. Report
Great suggestions, I love having beans, rice, prepped veggies all ready to go. It makes making a quick soup much easier when prep is done ahead and stored in the freezer. Report

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