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Why Potatoes Are Good for You


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Thanks for sharing Report
Interesting. Report
Thank you Report
Just like any other steamed or roasted vegetable Report
I love potatoes. Report
I can even work in French fries sometime Report
Great information. Report
Outdated info, typical for SparkPeople. They should cull all those old articles and get with the 21st century.

Potatoes are high carb UNLESS you cook and cool them. I don't have any weight problems, and I am already limiting carbs and hardly ever touch sugar, never touch gluten or wheat. So I do enjoy a small serving of potatoes a few times per week. By a small serving, I mean one quarter cup. Report
I know that for me the potatoes have added to cravings that I have experienced prior to following ketogenic lifestyle. I am an addict to sugar and realize that I will need to limit my carbs for the rest of my life. Others may not have sugar addiction. Just like some people can have a drink and stop, others can’t and are alcoholics. Report
spuds are a dud when it comes to their effect on your blood glucose level. Potatoes fall into the moderately high to high ranges on the glycemic index scale, which measures the effects of foods on blood glucose. Potatoes actually rank closer to table sugar, which consists of glucose and fructose, than to other starchy foods that contain long and complex chains of glucose, according to the Linus Pauling Institute Report
Great information! Report
great Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Sometimes, it’s what we add and put on the potatoe that adds up the calories, SparkFriends. Great eye opener. Report
Are you FAT? Then why is this article good for you?

1) It is almost certain that you got fat by eating too many high glycemic carbs. Cookies, crackers, chips, cakes, pies, pasta, pizza, potatoes, rice.
2) All of those things convert directly into glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream within an hour, spiking insulin.
3) Insulin drives all that sugar, which the body has no way to use in the present moment, into the cells. The cells gag on the sugar load and turn it into FAT.
4) Constant eating these high glycemic index carbs keeps the insulin levels in the bloodstream high. It is IMPOSSIBLE to burn fat when insulin levels are high. So you constantly store fat and never pull it back out. You get FAT!
5) High insulin levels, ALL BY ITSELF, is bad for the body. REALLY BAD!!! But as you eat all this sugar and starch, the insulin levels rise and the cells become insulin resistant, meaning that it takes MORE AND MORE insulin to stuff all that sugar into the cells. So your pancreas increases the amount of insulin in your body. Remember that high insulin is BAD, even if it succeeds in keeping blood glucose low.
6) Now you are diabetic, EVEN IF BLOOD GLUCOSE IS LOW!!! You are already killing yourself.
ONLY a change in diet can reverse this trend. Unless you are willing to die a gruesome death, continuing to eat this sugar / starch diet has to stop or you will NEVER LOSE WEIGHT, and you will die in your diabetes.

You are FAT because your body is out of control with high insulin levels which absolutely PREVENTS fat from coming back out to be burned by your body. You CANNOT LOSE WEIGHT with high insulin levels. Ask your doctor, ask your dietitian. Or better yet just google it. This is not rocket science.
So do NOT believe this "potato is OK" crap unless you are trying to die an early death, in which case do enjoy your potatoes. And Pizza, pies, cakes etc. Suicide by diet.

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