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Acupressure for Pain Relief

The Secret to Healing Is in Your Hands


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Sounds interesting! Maybe I will go to the mall and get it done. I think this is what they do! Report
Well, might be worth a try. Report
thanks Report
Thanks! Report
Thanks Report
Thank you for the information! I will try this on myself for sure! Report
Wish there had been pictures of rhe acupressure points. Good articl, though Report
Thank you for sharing this info! Report
Great article. I will give it a shot on my back/hip/sciatica Report
Great article. Report
Absolutely great Report
Makes more sense to me than accupuncture, is non invasive and some of it you can do to yourself. Report
When I was teaching Lamaze and was a doula, I taught and used acupressure points to stimulate contractions and to relieve pain. They really worked! I've also used acupressure points to relieve a headache. Report
I wonder if acupuncture will help my nerve damage pain? Report
It works ! miss going it just got to expensive to go any more.

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