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Taking Care of Yourself When You Become the Caregiver

Finding Health and Balance When Caring for Others


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Thanks for this great Article! Report
Finding a support group of friends and 'me' time is very important for a caregiver. Good article! Report
I have been blessed with 2 awesome bosses during the times I needed to step into a caregiver role. One allowed me to work from home for 3 weeks. The other is allowing me to flip my work schedule upside down and work remotely from time to time.

There definitely are not enough resources for caregivers, and the health system leaves giant gaps. I'm just grateful that I had those 2 wonderful ladies supporting me in this way by giving me the ability to take care of my loved ones while keeping my job secure. Report
Thanks Report
I was a caregiver for my MIL. She had dementia and lived with us. It was the one of the hardest things i've ever had to do. PS. I've been married to her son for over 30 years. God used that circumstance to teach me how to love without being loved in return Report
It's so important when you're a caregiver to have some time to yourself to relax and recharge! Report
Thank you Report
I cared for my Mum for 14 years and there was NO help. Friends don’t want to do more than an occasional drop in for a few minutes and my sibling was “too busy” to ever come but once a year. Unless you’ve been there you cannot possibly understand that you put yourself last because you have to! Report
@cherylhurt I don't live near my mom, but if you would make accommodation for me AND MY CAT, I would go to NY and do whatever I could. Since everyone in my family seems to HATE cats except me I can't go

Thanks for the info. Report
All of the points make a lot of sense, but like others have stated - not always easy to put into practice. My mom is 97 and by the grace of God, her mind is clear - but her body is failing. My brother and his wife are facing their own serious health issues, so care giving responsibilities fall to me. The emotions I feel run from a to z ... annoyed, anger, frustration, guilty, impatient, resentful, sad, and ... disappointment at myself for feeling all of these emotions towards the woman who gave me life and loved me unconditionally. Raising children is so much easier than caring for an elderly parent. But it is important to show her love and compassion, and to try to understand and remember that she did not ask for failing health. Family = Love and Caring! Report
Whoever wrote this was never a caregiver. I cared for my mother for 14 years. NOBODY was there to help, my sister was completely not interested. Taking care of myself was very difficult because I had so much pull from my Mum. Report
This article is so true, but not as easy as it sounds. I have been my husband's caregiver for six years now. I fight the frustration, anger, and depression on a daily basis, and I am hoping that being here can help keep me away from my solo pity parties. Report

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