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The Best Swimsuits for Every Body Shape

Flattering Styles for Every Figure


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I find it's about the person -- what do you feel is your best asset or if we have to look at it this way: what do you REALLY want to camouflage?

For me, I don't feel comfortable about my upper arms or thighs! That leaves me with those 1880s style 'cover everything' outfits, which hasn't come back in fashion. I'm still waiting...

Another option for me is whatever swimsuit but keep a large tshirt on over it and even better with gym shorts as bottoms. The problem there is they MOVE unless a swimsuit and they dry differently (or not), which can be uncomfortable.

I've done this and it's more accepted than you may expect. Sure, you may get a comment about, 'wouldn't that be more comfortable off?' or 'I'm wearing a swimsuit, why not you?'

It's about your comfort. If you get any kind of mean comments, that's THEIR problem, not yours.

I've tried tankinis (found this does the exact opposite of what I want). It covers more of my trunk but it's my arms and legs that I hate, so it leaves them totally bare.

I've worn bikinis and felt better! String-things are certainly out but a good coverage bikini is as good or bad for me as wearing gym shorts and a tshirt -- depending on who is there. Report
Since my comment was cut off, you can copy/paste this full link to read it in full:

cle_comments.asp?id=1862&type=1 Report
Sure, the bathing suits look GREAT because the body they are in looks GREAT! Gheez! I can't believe SP would have this! It is so bias! Report
Hey everyone-
We hear your feedback and were also very disappointed that finding the precise styles of swimsuits recommended was challenging enough, let alone that all of them were only available with photos (from manufacturers) on very thin models that did not represent the body shapes suggested. We did our best to crop out the rest of their bodies to really focus on the swimsuits. As another commenter pointed out, we do not shoot photos of stories like this, nor do we have the staff or resources to be able to. We have to go with stock photos that are available for us online. I still believe the photos are very helpful in visualizing the suit STYLING features suggested. That is the whole point--to add some clarity to the text descriptions, which might not be super clear for people who are less familiar with some of these fashion terms or still might not know what to look for. These photos were not meant to show the body type, but are intended to show the bathing suit features to look for, whether you choose to purchase the example suit we found or want to find something similar on your own. They were meant to make that easier for you to visualize and remember.

Please trust that showing a variety of body shapes, sizes, ages and races is ALWAYS at the forefront of our minds when we source photos for any story. Please also understand that we, like many websites and publications, rely on stock photos and so our options are limited--but we do our best and are keeping you and your needs in mind. But like catalogs, most stock photos often show only "ideal" beauties and thin body shapes. We do the best we can with what is available.

And to respond to another comment, no this is not an advertisement. We have received no money from amazon or any of these companies and don't even have partnerships or contacts with them. If a story we share is ever sponsored, it will have a call out that says "sponsored" right at the top. If we receive products or anything for free or of monetary value in exchange for what we write, we always tell you. We link most products we feature to amazon because it is readily available nationwide, offers free shipping on many items, and unlike other retail websites, amazon links/URLs tend to work (without causing errors) into perpetuity--even when the product is no longer available or in stock. From an editorial standpoint, we need links that will work even 2 years from now--not just today--for ideal user experience. In full disclosure, any individual and any company can create an amazon affiliate account where they can earn a small percentage of product purchases made by linking from their website to amazon. SparkPeople participates in this program, and we would earn a small % if anyone purchased suits from these links--but that is not why the story was written. The examples were added later for clarity.

We think that this article is full of useful information that will help people of all sizes and shapes find swimsuits, which is a difficult task for any woman. And the words used CELEBRATE every shape to encourage you--not make anyone feel bad. Hopefully you noticed and appreciated that intention, too. Please understand that everyone on our staff wants to HELP each person who reads our stories--it is our passion and life's work. Instead of looking for faults in things, please remember that our intentions are always thinking of you. Thank you!

Nicole Nichols
SparkPeople Editor-in-Chief Report
Disappointing, inaccurate photos. This article would have been better without any images. There aren't any real examples of pear shape, apple shape, etc. Report
They probably use photos from the manufacturer or stock photos. They don't do a photo shoot just for this. You need to use your imagination. This shows you what the swimsuit style is. It would be helpful to see what apple, pear and hourglass look like.(I think we know what hourglass is) Report
there is zero 'apple' or 'pear' in the models chosen. how stupid and unhelpful it is to post an article that says it's for 'every shape', is clearly geared toward those of us who have more weight than we're comfortable with, and only shows incredibly thin women modeling the suits.
i wish i hadn't clicked the link.
who the hell makes these decisions?
suz Report
Nice ad for amazon.com sunsuits. So insulting. I have found my swimsuit on Junonia. They are color fast, come in plus sizes, and are great for swimming. And, as a plus size, I actually look great in it. But, if you just want to advertise suits for some shapes and sizes who apparently have no interest in swimming but plenty of cash, you nailed it. Report
I agree with everyone else, i didn't get anything out of this. Report
I don't understand the point of using skinny girls to model "flattering suits for all shapes" Give me a break. They would look good in any thing. Use someone size 18 and up will you? Report
Yeah.. most of the swimming suits featured don't go beyond size 14 Report
This article is clearly NOT aimed at EVERY BODY SHAPE, and is aimed at only ONE body size. It is incrediblt sizist, and on a site like this, this kind of article is damaging to the self-esteem of a good many participants. I would like to see some REAL investigation and reporting on swimsuits (not sunsuits, as many of these will not stand up to proper swimming at all) that will not only fit every body shape, most body sizes, and will stand up to proper swimming-for-fitness and are all chlorine-resistant. I expected better. Report
Are you sure these models aren't all the same person. There isn't a spare inch of fat/flab or anything else on these girls. If I looked like them I wouldn't worry about what swimsuit I was wearing, I'd probably go nekkid and flaunt everything!!! Report

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