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When to Call a Doctor for the Flu

How the Flu Can be Downright Dangerous


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Thanks Report
Want to add this:

Get a flu shot and as if you are in the age category that needs / would benefit from a pneumonia shot. Report
It is sad that us men almost have to be on our deathbed before we see a doctor and its too late for some. After my high blood sugar 2 years ago (810) I now see my doctor every three months and always want to see my numbers so I can take responsibility for them. Report
Knowledge is power. Good need-to-know information. Report
try hard not to get flu or colds. wrap myself in vicks at night, and antibacterials during day. only 1 lung can complicate those issues quickly Report
Thank you but this article needs to be updated. Report
Try very hard not to get flu. Try hard not to catch anything! Report
This article should be updated. It's 2018 and over 60 kids have died from the flu. Call the doctor as soon as you have symptoms and at least ask if you should come in. Report
Flu shots are so important. I had the flu once and it felt like I was dying and I was young. Been getting the shot every year since. Report
Well i am scared of doctors and injection. Report
With the current flu epidemic (Winter of 2014-2015), many experts are recommending that people call their physicians as soon as they have symptoms that they have actual influenza and/or significant illness and not just the sniffles. The new medications to treat influenza (such as Tamaflu) are only effective if given early in the course of the illness. Report
Wow I have had the flu quite a few times in my life and out of these symptoms:

Loss of consciousness
Sharp chest pains, especially when breathing
Difficulty breathing
Dizziness or confusion
A 103-degree fever or higher
Unremitting vomiting
Purplish or bluish tinges to the skin
the only one I had was labored breathing. However, although I have only had 1 of these symptoms if I hadn't gone to the doctor I wouldn't have known that I had severe bronchitis, double ear infection, strep throat and mono as well as many other times of sinus infections that needed antibiotic which you can only get at the doctors office.. Seriously to tell people to wait until they have that list of symptoms is ridiculous. These symptoms don't send you to the doctor they send you to the hospital because you will die soon if you don't go. Report
My roomie bullied me into going to the doctor's after i'd been down for a few days with what we thought was just the flu. After explaining to the doc what was going on, the duration, and how I'd been treating myself, he asked me why i'd even come in because I was doing all he would have recommended. he sent me home with a note stating I had a flu-like viral infection and to take it easy for a couple of days or so. Roomie was livid that he didn't actually treat me or give me anything for my symptoms. I was more miffed that i'd just coughed up almost $100 out of pocket to be told to just keep doing what I'm doing and I'll be fine. After a couple of days I started going jaundice and ended up in the ER. Turns out I had Mono. Whoopsie. Report
Thanks. Needed to see this for the winter is here. Report

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