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The Best Foods for Football Fans

Healthy Tailgating Tips and Recipes


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Great tips! Report
Great ideas. Report
Another idea is stop by Subway for a party tray. Half sammies on multigrain bread w/ turkey, ham or roast beef, dbl veggies & mustard. Skip the mayo for food safety & save calories.
You can offer to make sloppy Joe's for halftime. Use boneless skinless chicken cooked in a crock pot w/ crushed pineapple & liquid smoke. Some low sodium tomatoes or halved cherry tomatoes can be added. Or add other veggies like peas, carrots or bell peppers or zukes & pour on top of quinoa or brown rice as a stew. This is my recipe adapted from beef stew using tough cuts of meat tenderizer by slow cooking in cola or root beer (use the diet version to cut cals.)
Be creative folks! If you like the ingredients don't be afraid to try new made up entrees using them. Report
Love football Sundays!! But for tailgating or any other party, I try to always bring something I can have. My go to lately has been a hummus platter with veggies, pretzels and pita.
Excellent article. Good need-to-know information! Report
Remember, it's about the game, not the food! Report
Great suggestion Report
Lpve this Report
Healthful lifestyle Report
Next time I tailgate I will remember these . Report
Great ideas if we ere tailgaters. We can certainly use many for various gatherings though. Thanks!! Report
Thanks for the great ideas. Report
Some great idea's Report
Will be trying some of these. Report
Yummy ideas! Report

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