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7 Things Your Salad Says about You

What You Can Learn from Your Lettuce


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I'm sure my salad choices show how much I hate salads. Report
I order dressing on the side and dip the tines of my fork into it rather than pouring it all over the salad. I find that I use less that way. Report
I'm w/ pookie. I eat salads more in summer than during winter. I also make my own salad dressing so it's as healthy as the rest of the ingredients.
In a blender I use soft tofu, ACV, pineapple juice or apple cider, berries & seasonings like turmeric, garlic, or white pepper. It keeps well in a mason jar. I then get my fat from nuts, seeds, olives & avocado on the salad along with beets, hard cooked eggs, beans, bell peppers, onions, broccoli florets, corn, carrots, shroome. I try to use different toppings for variety in taste, texture & micro-nutrient value. Report
thank you Report
I eat salad for lunch about 3 or 4 times a week. Always different. Report
I think the Fan of Fruit salad option should mention that you are drawn to sweets (fructose is still process by the body as sugar and absorbed into your blood directly during digestion). This option is similar to drowning your salad in dressing, probably trying to hide the taste of the veggies/greens with all the sweetness of the fruit. I disagree that it is about efficiency which implies that it is even more healthy. Report
I eat salad most days for lunch and have been doing it for years. I put a variety of topping and dressings on my salads. I sometimes add ground flaxseeds, red onions or chickpeas. I add grilled chicken or a packet of tuna. I am not a big fruit on salad person. Report
I eat a salad for lunch most days. I do like to put various toppings on. Report
I enjoy my salad many different ways, somedays a simple Ceasar, others a Cobb salad, other days a fruit salad. Report
I like salad. Sometimes it's "the same old salad" and sometimes I switch it up and put different things on it. I think I could fit most of the things they said in the article. I don't fall into just one type of salad person category. Yay me! Report
I enjoy shredded cabbage rather than lettuce. I use pickled beets, okra, spicy pickles and 'constellation' tomatoes for variety. Report
I love salads! Thank you for this one. Report
Interesting article. I am ready for a salad. Report
Love a big salad for lunch in the summer... Not so much in the cold winter! Report

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