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50 Non-Food Rewards for Fitness and Weight Loss

Healthy Ways to Celebrate Success!


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CHRISTINATODAY is right on. The tip to adopt a dog as a reward is way off. This is a living creature that will depend on you for its life - food, shelter, medical aid, love - every day, 24/7, for the rest of its life. Please adopt for the right reasons - to give another living creature a loving home - NOT to give yourself a walking buddy. Report
Love these ideas! I've been trying to think of small rewards and was coming up short!
Thanks! Report
Love this idea!!! going to start right away!!! Report
People are so different. I respond well to rewards (or punishments), but for some reason it has NEVER applied to weight control. I have enough years of failure with this to fill a small book. For instance, I tried many times when I was working full time to join coworkers in pooling money to be given to the biggest weight loser. No matter how much it cost me, I always gained 10 lbs instead of lost lol!!! For me what works is just establishing healthy eating as a habit. It is hard, but I have been making significant changes at this late stage of my life! Report
Do NOT get a dog because you want to walk more or lose weight. This is an ANIMAL, a living creature you are talking about. A dog gets 12-18 years old and ALL THAT TIME you will need to not only walk it, but also feed it, train it, love and cuddle it, and pay the vets bills.

The other ideas are good but this one - NO! Report
I've never rewarded myself. My thought is, why reward myself for something I should be doing? It's like rewarding myself for cooking or cleaning the house. Haven't been able to change my thinking on this.
Using a reward system is not an easy thing to do when you grew up that" good behaviour was expected and bad behaviour was punished". No rewards, ever. Does SparkPeople have an article that deals with that? Report
I invest in myself. I give $5 to several friends & ask them to pick up something that will encourage me in my journey or that I would like. They wrap it as a gift and I have a box in my office in which they are put. Each time I reach the elimination of 10 lbs, I get to pick a "grab bag" as a reward. Did this when I first joined SP and it helped me stay on track to the loss of 37 lbs. Unfortunately, I lost my momentum because of change in jobs. This year I've reinstated it. Just a 1/2 lb away from the first 10...and I can see those gifts. Wonder what is in them? Report

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