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50 Non-Food Rewards for Fitness and Weight Loss

Healthy Ways to Celebrate Success!


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Love this article - what fantastic ideas! I'm going to try to think about my own rewards and get the ball rolling! Report
Great ideas. Thank you
I love the star point system . I will try it Report
Thank you for all the fantastic ideas! Will definitely be incorporating some of these. I love using mani-pedis as personal incentives. Lots of other great ideas here. Report
I started the charm bracelet last year and it has been an incentive to stick with it. Report
Stealing the charm idea! Thanks! Report
I started the charm bracelet idea last year. every time I complete a 5K I get a new charm. Report
I did a few of these as motivation to get started on my journey and it really worked. I feel great in my jogging pants and sports bra and my headphones (earbuds that won't fall out) and a Spark activity tracker really make working out a lot more fun. I'm just about to my first 10 pounds lost and am going to get a great haircut this week and go to a wedding next weekend in a dress that makes me look like a bombshell :-)

Not sure what the next 10 pound reward will be but I'm thinking about having my kids help me make congratulations cards/ribbons for each milestone in addition to doing something for myself. My son will definitely keep me on track by asking when we get to make another one ("Mommy, did you lose 10 more pounds yet?"). Report
Oh now I'm going to set me up reward. Put a map on the wall of way to a State Park, I want to go camping. I walk the miles to the camp and then I can Go. Report
I absolutely LOVE the charm bracelet idea! I think that is one I'll have to "borrow", thank you!! Report
I really like the concept. We each have to come up with what rewards work to motivate us. I think my reward will be a mani/pedi for summer! Report
Take a selfie???? NO THANKS!!! Report
I wish any of these were rewards! When you are 74 and work 4 or 5 days a week, try to get the shopping in, and try to get in bed early enough to get 7 or 8 hours a week, there is NO time left for exercise. Report
I love these ideas, especially the "spa at home" idea. I also love the idea in the comments about your friends money to buy you something small. I might try that! Report
Great article. Some great ideas there. I love the idea of a plant for every milestone.
@Maurizia, I really love your idea! A small surprise at each milestone is a great idea. And how lucky you are to have friends who care enough to help you by picking out, getting and wrapping you something they think you'll enjoy and that will help keep you motivated. Sounds like you have a good group of supporters. :)

I may have to ask my husband and sisters to do the same for me. Report

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