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50 Non-Food Rewards for Fitness and Weight Loss

Healthy Ways to Celebrate Success!


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Thanks for the good ideas. Report
thank you Report
thank you Report
most of these are pretty good suggestions Report
Thanks Report
Love them all. Its time to reward myself more.. Report
Good ideas. Report
When I lose some more weight, my reward will definitely be a hot stone massage! Report
thank you Report
I decided when I drop a size, I'll order a new dress to celebrate. Report
thanks Report
People mentioned that some of these rewards are not really rewards. My sister mentioned she would go to the manicurist no matter what because she needed it, like brushing your teeth or hair. To me, it would be a reward, because I never or rarely ever do it. It would be a treat for me. I think the reward system should be something out of the ordinary for each individual and the list is just a wonderful example of what might be a reward for you. People have to make it their own. Thank you for the examples. Report
Great ideas Report
Maybe I'm to narrow in what should be considered a reward but most of these came off as things I just do not a reward. I liked the get a tattoo one and a few others but most didn't sound like something that would motivate me. As my grandma used to say its the differences in us all that makes the world an interesting place. Report
love these ideas! Report

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